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Microsoft issues new Windows 10 update!

Windows will be finally getting the update we all wanted, but until it rolls out widely among users, they will be going to need to keep paying attention to all the regular update warnings of Microsoft. But they have struck again.

Only one week after freezing Windows 10 to all the computers with an earlier update, Microsoft has started to warn users of new severe problems with another. Microsoft, by writing on the page of update KB4493509, has confirmed the update can freeze PCs both in operation and also boot up.

The only good news is that things are about to change. Microsoft’s will allow all versions of Windows 10 to delay both the minor updates and major upgrades, will finally give all users the control they deserve and enable them to block buggy software proactively

Also, a support engineer from Microsoft who responded to users on Reddit says that “Microsoft is aware of this issue and is also investigating on it. We will be providing more information it becomes available.”

As for the fixes of the software, Softpedia has also found a complicated workaround which involves the changing the DNS settings of the affected Windows 10 PCs to Google’s public DNS server but only this is unlikely to be something the average user wants to attempt, and Softpedia also warns “this should only be a temporary solution but not a permanent one”.

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