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What Is A Real Estate Business?

Are you looking for real estate investment for higher returns? Are you worried about beating inflation quickly and make excess returns on your returns? Do you have excess cash and wandering where to deploy your funds for better returns? Are you looking for a property that mostly appreciates and rarely declines in nature? If the answer is yes, then this article is for you. The article explores some of the essential traits of the real estate business and how you can get benefited by investing in real estate investment in India.

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What is real estate business? – Real estate investment

A real estate business is a type of business in which parties deal with buying, selling, leasing, and developing real estate properties. From the past two-three decades, the real estate business is growing at a faster rate due to rising inflation and falling wage levels.

Starting a real estate business is not a easy. You must struggle every moment until you position yourself in the industry. According to experience and exposure, it would take a minimum of five years for you to establish and build your base in the business. Further, the quantity of investments requirement would be higher due to which the business decisions become complex during crises, especially during the ongoing pandemic covid-19.

Often, I hear the quotation from a common man whether a real estate business is profitable? My answer to the question is yes if you handle the business assets efficiently and effectively. The most prominent reason for the success of the real estate industry is its rate of growth in terms of appreciation of real estate property. Appreciation is the increasing value of real estate property. The value of the property appreciates due to variety of reasons like:

  • Demand for property
  • A decline in the supply of property
  • Future planning of individuals

Types of residential properties – Real estate investment

There four types of real estate properties commonly found

  • Residential property that commonly includes homes, flats and residential constructions for accommodation and recreation requirements
  • Commercial buildings for schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, offices, shopping complex that are used for business purposes.
  • Industrial estates for the requirements of factories, offices, manufacturing facilities, and service centres.
  • Land for development of sites, parks, pubs, restaurants, cinema theatres, marriage halls, and resorts.

Stakeholders to Real Estate Business

Well, let us quickly grab some information on those who participate in the real estate market. The image below exhibits the participants in the real estate industry. The names of straightforward and I assume no explanation required.

Real estate investment, what is real estate business, real estate market in india, real estate investment in india, how to start investing in real estate
Stakeholders to real estate business – Real estate investment

Real estate investment market in India 

The real estate market in India is one of the most potential industry which grabbing the attention of many across the country. The real estate market has been assuring promising careers today.  The industry has grown from USD 120 billion in 2017 and expected to reach USD 1 trillion by 2030. Yet, the sector is growing at the fastest speed since the globalization of the Indian economy. The NRIs have been showing interest in investing in India properties due to its very nature of generating the highest returns compared to the other investment avenues in the country. Though the real estate market has seen all the dips and bounces all the way, the future appears to be promising since India requires a lot of infrastructures to be developed for paving ways for economic prosperity. Below are the average rates of real estate properties across important cities in India.

More than an epoch ever since the global financial meltdown, Asia Pacific real estate business continues to produce good returns. But as the clock ticks down towards the end of the current cycle, caution is gradually implanted into financier approaches.

In India, Real estate investment is a runway for success. yet, residential developers in India are in a downward turn. A government clampdown on banking-sector inefficiency, merged with increasing credit risk among land developers and real estate agents, has seen banks pull the cap on real estate offers. With the non-bank financial sector in equally dire canals, builders and developers now have nowhere to turn for funding.

However, there was some source for enthusiasm as India has ultimately introduced its first REIT. This is seen as a helpful portent for future Indian REIT listings. Other local developers, including several in South India and Mumbai region, are now eyeing at listing portfolios of their private entities, with two or three new REITs expected to come to the market by the end of 2020.

New Delhi has conventionally been concentrating more on housing development, so the recession in the residential market nationwide is perhaps felt more acutely here than in other segments of the country. About investments in commercial real estate in New Delhi, new office space is soaring by around 30 % annually. It is greatest in Noida since Noida offers lower office services. The logistics sector in Delhi is also thriving. While discovering a good development associate in northern India remains a task, the requirement for distribution and warehousing services continues soaring.

How to start investing in real estate?

I distinctly think of being an apprentice real estate backer. As a 25-year old with zero familiarity in business, it was tremendous to get underway. My understanding of the real estate business was limited to what I read from newspapers, books, and schooling. Yet, my understanding was the base for my decision to invest in the real estate industry. Yet, education is not the ultimate solution to enter as the real estate industry has a lot of black spots, grey areas, and complicated decision areas. It requires practical exposure to the industry to have better clarity on cash inflows and outflows. Often, financial loss in the real estate industry teaches you great practical lessons which even I had encountered.  I had incurred a series of losses in my business which gave me an unmatched understanding of the real estate business. Considering that, if I can start the real estate investments once again, I would prefer to follow the below mentioned step-by-step approach to avoid the mistakes that I had done in my past. Each of these steps helps me not only in completing the real estate investments successfully, but it will also help me to minimize my risk in the process of real estate investment. I would have saved a lot of money, time, efforts, and my peace had I followed the below-mentioned steps. My 8-Step Plan to Get Started with Real Estate Investing. However, you can add a few more steps if you find it feasible in your conditions.

Real estate investment, what is real estate business, real estate market in india, real estate investment in india, how to start investing in real estate
Stages in setting up real estate business – Real estate investment

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