What is a Business Plan?


In this article you’re going to know about What is a Business Plan, What’s the concept of business, Business Strategy Planning, Business Continuity and Why Business Plan is important?

Concept of Business: Overview of Business

If you have been dreaming of exiting ten-to-six jobs and aspiring to become your boss, they certainly, you must have been considering your business establishment. Well! that is a good sign. Dreaming to become your boss is one of the bold decisions that you must have ever made. Profit is one of the biggest motivators for setting up any business however, certain entities offer products and services with the main motive of providing services to the society at large. Technically in the true sense, it cannot be called business. A business need not start with a huge campus, thousands of employees, and a heavy investment financial resource. Even when an individual sells fruits by a stream side also business as they have an offering which brings him the profit. In most of the countries on the planet earth registers with their governments in some capacity and pay taxes to their governments on the revenue earned.

What is a Business Plan
What is a Business Plan

Beginning a business is a great accomplishment for many entrepreneurs, but preserving one is the larger task. There are several standard questions every business face, whether they are big or tiny. These involve things such as employing the right human resources, creating a brand, building a customer base, and so on. Though, some are truly small business difficulties, ones most big companies grow up out of long ago. Those challenges may include, using technology to attract prospective clients, building a client base, earning endorsements of products and services, etc.

Below lets see What is a Business Plan? and why it is important?

What is a Business Plan?

What is Business plan?
What is a Business Plan

Business plans are like roadmaps; it is quite possible to take a trip without one, but it will only raise the probability of getting lost along the way during the journey. Instead of taking a random journey, stopping somewhere, and asking for the further path, it is always good to establish the path clearly and begin the journey which saves time, money, efforts, and opportunities.

Generally, a typical business plan is a confrontational text that seeks to persuade its prospective reader to provide finance for a project. A business plan is an authored paper that explains how a business is planning to accomplish its objectives. A business plan puts out a written plan from a selling, financial, and operational perspective. A business plan is a critical document for a business to attract investments in the market. Preferably, a company would reconsider the plan occasionally to see if objectives have been contacted or have altered and developed. Occasionally, a new business plan is primed for an already established business that is going on a new path. The business plan should answer the subsequent questions

  • Who is planning to begin the business?
  • What is the product or service?
  • The potentiality of the business project
  • Who are the existing market players?
  • What is the promotion and distribution channels?
  • What is the level of competition?
  • What is the opportunity cost involved?
  • What is the production process?
  • What is the service product design plan?
  • What are the funding requirements?
  • Expected cash flows
  • Contingency plans?

What is a Business plan? A typical business plan would comprise the following sections

Components of Business Plan
What is a Business Plan & Constituents of Business plan


Why Business Plan is important?

Business plans usually involve comprehensive data that can assist enhance the business’s possibilities of success, market segmentation, competitor’s analysis, and operational processes, cash flow project, and long-term value of the business.  Though it looks tough, the business plan is critical for the success of a business. Some of the common needs of a business plan are listed below:

Why Business Plan is Important?
What is a Business Plan & Benefits of preparing business plan
  • Helps in taking critical business decisions

Starting a business often an unending flow of task in decision making and emergency management. Sitting down and contemplating all the implications of any given decision is a comfort that businessmen cannot continuously afford. That is where a business plan comes in to picture. A comprehensive business plan enables the entrepreneur to answer the complex business question. Often an entrepreneur finds an answer to some of the tough questions before encountering such situations.

  • To boil down business information into common goals

Placing together a business plan necessitates businessmen to ask a lot of hard questions themselves and consider the substantial time to come back with insightful ideas. Boiling down all the business factors into profit and loss numbers is something that only a genuine risk-taker can do in the business.

  • Helps to avoid blunders in business

The streamlined and logical flow of business information helps an entrepreneur to filter out impractical assumptions and anticipations about the future. The business plan makes the businessman practical and more reasonable in his/her expectations.

  • Confirms the viability of the business

The business plan throw light on some of the critical factors related to the business. For example, what is the product, who are the buyers, why do they buy, how do they buy, when do they buy are neatly answered in the business plan which ultimately results in a more pragmatic entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Establishes the goals of the business

The business plan establishes the reason for setting up the business. The goals of the business are clearly defined so that the reader understands whether the business objectives are practical.

What is Business Continuity?

Business continuity is the ability of a business to sustain and maintain important functions throughout and after a catastrophe has happened. Business continuity design determines risk management procedures that try to avoid disruptions to mission-critical essential services and re-establish full purpose to the organization as swiftly and efficiently as possible. The most fundamental business continuity necessity is to keep important tasks up and running through a disaster and to recover with as little interruption as likely. A business continuity plan deems various unstable events, such as fire, cyber-attack, natural disasters, and other external threats. A business continuity plan is essential for organizations of any magnitude, but it may perhaps not be sensible for any but the biggest companies to retain all events for the length of a disaster. The first phase in business continuity planning is determining what roles are necessary and allotting the accessible budget appropriately. Once vital elements have been found, managers can put mechanisms in place for managing crises.

Business Strategy Planning

Business Strategy Planning
What is a Business Plan & Concept of Business Strategy

Business today has acquired techniques to strategies short term and long-term ambitions and means to real them in different time intervals. However, several studies established that most of the time, the original strategies of the business may not work as and when the business grows in its size and nature. Under such circumstances, the business requires to alter its strategies to adjust to the changing business environment to yield maximum benefits. Even if a business is innovation-driven has a solid understanding of future events, seldom it succeeds since it does not contemplate different developments that may occur because of the pioneering strategy used. In this context, dynamic business development plans offer guidance to business in purpose, including values, vision, mission, and objectives Successful business development plans consist of a position analysis and a SWOT analysis. When the business has global ambitions, it is important to conduct a PESTEL analysis to have 360 degrees of understanding of the potentiality of the business. Therefore, a strategic business plan is of high importance for the success of a business in the globalized business world.

Hope you’ve enjoyed our article on What is a Business Plan, it’s concept of business, Business Strategy Planning, Business Continuity and Why Business Plan is important.

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